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Five Signage Tips for National Branding

Whether your company is planning to go national or is already well-established across NZ, strong signage is an important part of your national brand.
Aug 2019
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How to Create Iconic Signage

Do you want your signage to be iconic? While having a logo as recognizable as McDonald’s golden arches may seem laughable now, everyone started somewhere. The signage team at Signwise say dream big!
Jul 2019
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Do Your Indoor Signs Reflect Your Company’s Culture?

When executed well, indoor signs are so much more than a beautiful logo, legible fonts and creative colour schemes.
Jun 2019
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5 Digital Signage Trends of 2019

There is a noticeable growing demand for digital signage solutions from businesses throughout New Zealand.
May 2019
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Help People Find Their Way with Directional Signage

Here are some things the signwriters at Signwise always keep in mind when it comes to creating strong directional signage.
Apr 2019
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Stand Out with Strong Building Signage

In a world increasingly dominated by digital marketing, it can be easy to overlook the importance of building signs.
Mar 2019
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Why Signage is Just as Important Indoors as it is Outdoors

We all know how important it is to have strong exterior signage – it works as a landmark pulling people in while helping build your business’s brand....
Feb 2019
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Six Rules for Using Signage to Build your Brand

A business’s brand is more than just a name and logo – it is the reflection of a business’s personality, including the look, feel and values that a business represents....
Jan 2019
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New Year Do - Signage to Start You Up

With Christmas nearly upon us and end-of-year work dos well in swing, now is the time to give leave to 2018 actions – or inactions – and turn our attention to kick-starting 2019 with a bang.
Dec 2018
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Moving Messages - On the Road to Great Signs

We’ve all got a story about ‘that car’ with great signage. The one with the grabbing branding, catchy name, or funky font and design; the one we seek out and recognise first in a line of traffic.
Nov 2018
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Plinth Matters - Taking your Business to the Next Level

Making your business standout shouldn’t be limited to the seasons – impactful advertising should happen all-year-round. However, with Christmas on the doorstep and warmer weather encouraging customers outdoors, there’s no better time to be seen.
Oct 2018
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Let’s Make it a Wrap

A business’ brand is a narrative that is constantly being communicated. Which is why we at Signwise Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington believe your signage should make your story truly unforgettable. High impact signage is literally wrapping itself around buildings and proving itself to be one of the hottest trends for 2018.
Sep 2018
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Signwise - More than Just a Signage Company

Whether you are rebranding or starting from scratch, the ideation, management and execution of a sign is a complex process. It’s an important task with plenty of potential speed bumps along the way…
Dec 2017
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Is it Time for a Video Wall?

Video walls are a type of digital signage using several LCD and LED panels. Each screen can have its own content, similar to the Apps on your smartphone:
Nov 2017
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Signs for the Season

Many businesses change with the seasons. Retail outlets get new products; restaurants cook different food; even offices have their busy and quiet times of the year.
Nov 2017
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How to Choose your Sign’s Ideal Colour

Your business’s signs exist specifically so that people – potential clients and customers – can make snap judgements and figure out if your services are right for them.
Oct 2017
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Is It Time for a New Sign?

A good sign is eye-catching, durable and communicates information quickly and efficiently. While the Signwise team’s signage is built to last, there are still times when an existing business will need a new sign.
Oct 2017
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Can Digital Signage Boost your Business?

‍Digital signage is offering businesses new innovative and exciting ways to brand and really showcase their products. Would your company benefit from a digital sign makeover?
Sep 2017
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Why Choose 3D Signs or Architectural Letters

When it comes to promoting your business there are a lot of great sign options to turn to that will help. Selecting the right sign type can make a real difference.
Sep 2017
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Tips for Upgrading your Retail Shop Signage

Customers notice change. If they’ve become too familiar with your shop front, then they might have stopped noticing you altogether.
Aug 2017
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Make an Entrance with your Reception Signage

Entranceways and reception areas are the perfect opportunity to impress your clients.
Aug 2017
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Car Wrapping Popularity Extends to Personal Use

Vehicle wrapping is growing in popularity for consumers in both personal and commercial markets as today’s level of detail available in both install and print continuously improves.
Jul 2017
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The Power of Signs - Help Customers Find Your Business

The power of signage shouldn't be underestimated. How often do you hear customers say they didn't know you were there? Indeed, anyone who has tried to navigate an unfamiliar neighbourhood,
Jul 2017
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Why You Need Sign Makers Who Know Project Management

Taking a sign from concept to production and installation is a complicated process. There’s a lot at stake, and plenty that can go wrong along the way...

A Little History About the World of Signage

From cave paintings to digital printing, signs and symbols have been around since human beings first began expressing themselves.

Top 5 Tips for Exterior Sign Design

One of the first things that will influence the sort of sign you have made is whether it's for an indoors or outdoors location. Here are the top 5 things to think about when you're considering outdoor signage.

Choosing the Right Sign Lettering Matters

The font on your sign matters. There are thousands of fonts available and plenty of creative ways to use them to maximise your sign's impact. The right lettering will enable your customer to quickly...

Top Benefits of Car Wrapping

It's worth taking a closer look at the art of car and vehicle wrapping. If you're looking for ways to stand out, get noticed and stay ahead of the competition without outspending them, car wrapping is a proven promotional tool.

Reception Signage Key to Generating First Impression

Your reception area is a reflection of your business and your reception signage should be too. Signage is often the first point of contact someone has with your business. Use this opportunity to capture the character of your business or brand and make a lasting first impression.

The Marketing Power of Footpath Signs

Footpath signs are an attractive, cost effective and powerful advertising tool. Mobile and hard wearing, they effectively extend your shop front onto the street or anywhere you go - placing your brand and message literally at the customer's feet.

A Closer Look at 3D Signage and How Your Business Could Benefit From It

3D graphics are a really exciting way to add visual interest so it's no wonder 3D signs are more popular than ever. 3D signage raises lettering and logos above the signboard, literally making your sign pop out and creating a fantastic first impression.

Tips for Getting the Most out of Point of Sale Signage

Tips for Getting the Most out of Point of Sale Signage. Point of sale signs and graphics are a top shopping marketing technique.

Considering Neon Signage for Your Business?

Considering Neon Signage for Your Business? Neon signs are one of the most versatile business signage options you can choose.

Vehicle Signage – Creating Your Own Mobile Billboard

One thing’s for sure in these challenging economic times: the world won’t beat a path to the doorway of your business unless you get out there and vigorously promote your brand.

The Benefits of Vehicle Graphics to Your Business

What’s better than having a giant billboard? A giant billboard that moves of course!

Manage the costs of Vehicle Signage

Anyone in business will know that juggling a marketing budget can be a challenge at the best of times! They say half of your advertising works, but which half is doing the business for you?

Considering your business’ needs

Signage today is more than just a painted sign above a front door. Primarily, signs are a means for advertising the premises of your business.

Extra Impact - Plinth Sign & LED lighting

In this blog, we discuss the extra impact your business can gain from, and the benefits of, LED signage, particularly on a plinth sign.