The Marketing Power of Footpath Signs

Footpath signs are an attractive, cost effective and powerful advertising tool. Mobile and hard wearing, they effectively extend your shop front onto the street or anywhere you go - placing your brand and message literally at the customer's feet.

 One of the great marketing benefits of outdoor signage such as A-frame sandwich boards or other footpath signs, is their mobility and versatility. They allow you to talk to your target audience in the locations you choose, from trade shows to pop up stalls and they are easy and economical to update. That means you can change your message as you need to, keeping your business agile and relevant - a key benefit in modern marketing.

 In high foot traffic areas or beside busy roads, footpath signs are an obvious way to market your business and guide potential customers inside. From menus to directional signs, one of the great benefits of outdoor advertising is the opportunity to ensure your business is the one that stands out, exposing the consumer to your marketing message, your latest product or promotional offer.

 A variety of different designs are available each with their own advantages. Double sided footpath frames give you twice the exposure and with the right sized lettering or images you'll ensure your sign is visible from a distance, while the design of weighted footpath stands enables them to be used on a variety of surfaces as well as remaining upright in windy conditions.

 These versatile outdoor signboards make it easy to showcase your brand and business, attracting and directing potential customers. Signwise signmakers design and manufacture a range of quality footpath signage to create high visibility, economical marketing solutions that will work for you.