Marketing Tips for Your Signage

If you’ve decided to ramp up your business marketing with signage, you’ll want to ensure you’re utilising tips and tricks to help with your business objectives. There are many different types of effective signage and a signage expert can guide you in the right direction. Read on and find out marketing tips to maximize your signage, which in turn helps meet your business goals.

Go for Omnipresence

In marketing, omnipresence is the term for being seen, of your brand and messaging is widespread and constantly encountered by your ideal customers. Signage is excellent for increasing your omnipresence as often people can subconsciously pick up and retain logos and brand messaging.

If you have clear and concise messaging on your signage, people will view it, and then even if they don’t become a customer then and there, if they are thinking about a particular service or product you offer in the future, your sign can come to mind. When it comes to effective marketing, the rule of thumb is ‘more is more’.

Keep your Design Clean

It’s worth investing in a sign writer or designer who knows how design works to maximise marketing. People are drawn to simplicity, balance and boldness. Depending on your target market, your ideal customer will have design preferences that they may not even be aware of, but a great designer will know how to grab their attention.

Apply Marketing Psychology

With all marketing, including effective signage, it’s pivotal to know who your ideal customer is and what makes them tick. You can use marketing psychology in your signage design, such as adding in testimonials which backs social proof theory where people are more likely to buy if it’s been recommended by someone similar to them.

It’s also been proven that people go for brands that do something good for them or make them feel good, so signage could be reflected by offering something of benefit to your audience. It’s worth investigating marketing psychology further to improve your business objects.

Create a Strong Brand

People buy from brands and vision, and signage is the perfect place to display this. Having a strong and effective brand and sharing what you can offer and how you can help solve the problems of your audience will have your marketing rolling. The golden rule of signage, and all marketing, is to not think about what you as a business “like”, but to focus everything on what will be of benefit to your audience. Put yourself in their shoes and think about what brand and signage would most appeal to them and why.

Choose the Best Signage

Work with signage experts with experience and who know their stuff. At Signwise our motto is “first impressions count”. Studies have shown we make a judgement in the first few seconds. Signage is a powerful tool for your business. Allow experts to take out the hard work and do it for you. Call Signwise today and we can help.