Help People Find Their Way with Directional Signage

Directional signage plays an important role in helping people find what they are looking for be it a retail shop in Auckland, a healthcare service in Wellington or an educational institution in Christchurch. When new visitors to such places cannot figure out where to go, it causes anxiety and frustration, which is why getting directional and wayfinding signs right is so vital.

Here are some things the signwriters at Signwise always keep in mind when it comes to creating strong directional signage.

User-Focused Functional Signage First

Directional signs are not an opportunity to show off a flashy logo or stylistic lettering. Leave brand building to building signs, reception entrances, frosted windows or vehicle wraps – rule number one of directional signage is to focus on the user. We put the user first by designing signs that are easy-to-read using clear font, large enough lettering and appropriate colour contrasting.

Placement is Paramount

Once someone has arrived at your destination, you need to quickly confirm that they have arrived at the right place, which is why sign placement is paramount. Our sign writing team are experienced in assessing an environment, looking out for heights and locations upon which the eye will naturally fall. Starting a new school, visiting a loved one in hospital, preparing for an interview – these are stressful circumstances and directional signage needs to be as easy to find as possible.

Inform and Reassure

Signs are well-designed and well-placed to confirm that your visitor has reached the right place, but the job of directional signage is not over. When there is a journey to take – such as finding a particular building on campus or a wing within a hospital – we place follow up wayfinding signage at appropriate intervals to reassure the visitor that they are still on the right path.

Comprehensive Wayfinding Signage Systems

Directional signage is best when it is part of a comprehensive signage system, including exterior directional signage, wall signs, building directories and well-labelled floor levels and hallways. The signwriters at Signwise will play out the entire user journey from every angle to make sure we have all of your directional signage needs covered.

Need some wayfinding signs for your facility in Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington? Give our signwriters a call today.