Why Vehicle Wraps Are More Important Than Ever

As we move out of lockdown towards level three, many businesses in New Zealand are finding ways to change and adapt to a new, socially distant way of life. This unchartered territory may be scary, but also brings many industries the opportunity to innovate and grow.

As we learn to adjust, vehicle signage has never been more valuable. Here’s why Signwise has seen a surge in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch businesses interested in car wraps.

Increased deliveries

One of the biggest changes we have seen – and will continue to see – is a trend towards contactless home delivery. If your business has enhanced or added a delivery service, strong, legible and eye-catching vehicle signage is a must as driving through residential neighbourhoods is one of your best chances to get noticed.

Less foot traffic but plenty of commuters

Fewer people on the streets means that any physical signage – including building, window and footpath signs – are not being viewed as frequently as they used to be. In level three, however, there will be plenty of commuters on the road again which means more eyes on the road. Crossing paths with these driving workers gives your brand a chance to get seen, even if your physical location is far from bustling.

Cost effective marketing

Many businesses are feeling the pain of the forced changes to consumer behaviour, which makes cost effective marketing all the more appealing. A professional car wrap is one of the most affordable options, with far lower cost-per-views than most other forms of traditional marketing.

Car wraps are quick to make

While professional building or interior signage takes some time to plan, design, make and hang, vehicle wraps are much faster to create. If you currently don’t have any signage on your company car and quickly want to add one to boost views during this new period in time, your signwriter can accomplish this quickly without compromising quality.

Easy to alter

Are you making temporary changes to your business model, such as delivery or other contactless services? Car wraps are easy to adjust and alter, letting you add new information to your signage, such as a “free delivery” sticker, which can be removed in the future if and when appropriate.

Ready to adapt to this new world?

For strong vehicle wraps that will get noticed on the streets of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, talk to the signwriters at Signwise.