Why Signage is Just as Important Indoors as it is Outdoors

We all know how important it is to have strong exterior signage – it works as a landmark pulling people in while helping build your business’s brand.

But as any signwriter would tell you, interior signage often flies under the radar, its significance escaping notice. Here are four reasons why indoor signage is the underrated darling of the signage world.

Welcome Guests

It’s jostling to walk into a business and wonder if you are in the right place which is why good signwriting reveals your name right upon entry. Quality, well-made indoor signs also put guests at ease and make them feel welcome – an important part of building a positive customer relationship.

Brand Continuity

Indoor and outdoor signage work together to convey a message to your customers. While exterior signs will get people through the door, the atmosphere you create indoors will strengthen the brand and close the deal.

Signwriting internal windows and walls creates continuity so clients get a true feel for your business, building a sense of trust and familiarity. Good signwriters are experts in creating bespoke interior signs to strengthen your unique brand.


An office, retail or hospitality business that has neglected interior signage doesn’t offer much in the way of atmosphere. Through the use of window decals and lettering, reception and illuminated signs, you create a tone, feel and aesthetic, giving your workplace its own personality.

Inform and Direct

Help people find their way around without embarrassment through the use of signs. Subtle wayfinder signs direct visitors and new employees to restrooms, elevators, exits and the right office or department. And if you’re located within a busy mall or office complex, directional signs are crucial to help people find you quickly and easily.

If you’ve neglected your interior signage, the signwriters at Signwise in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch are here to help. Give us a call!