Tips for Getting the Most out of Point of Sale Signage

Tips for Getting the Most out of Point of Sale Signage

Point of sale signs and graphics are a top shopping marketing technique. The newest research suggests that consumers are more influenced by your point of sale signs than any other form of marketing you do.

POS displays are purposefully placed near the checkouts - at the point of purchase - to catch the attention of the customer and encourage them to make an impulsive, last minute buy. The signage can come in all shapes and sizes but should be strategically designed and placed to have maximum impact in a busy retail environment.

Get the most from your point of sale signage with these tips.


Stand Out

This is not the time for subtlety! The purpose of point of sale displays is to attract attention so be bold and make your customers look twice.

 Increase 'Buyer Desire'

The message should clearly tell the customer about the benefits of using your product, followed by a call to action, such as ‘Buy now!’


Show the Product in Use

Make it easy for people to imagine using your product. Showing images of happy customers enjoying your product will help build desire for the product.


Prove it's the Best

Include comparison charts and graphs. Use evidence to show why your product is the best choice.


Be Interactive

Take advantage of technology - possibilities with augmented reality are expanding all the time, allowing customers to interact at the point of sale display using their phones. They can help draw customers in and offer more information.


Make it Mobile

Offer customers a brochure or flyer with information about the product to take home, think about and share with others.  Not every customer will buy on impulse but they may come back.


If you’re in the need for point of sale signs for a new or existing business, be sure to get in touch with the team at Signwise to help maximise your business success.