Everything You Need to Know About Sandwich Board Signs

If you thought sandwich boards were only good for selling coffee, think again! While they may seem mind-bogglingly simple in the world of digital marketing, the good old A-frame sign can be effective for many businesses. Here’s everything you need to know about the enduring benefits of sandwich boards.

Why they work

Sandwich board footpath signs grab people’s attention and subtly direct foot traffic. Their messages can be easily changed from one day to the next, they are highly portable and extremely cost-effective. Whether it’s for a one-off signage display like an exhibition, or regular daily use outside a café, sandwich boards have the power to bring customers in.

A-frame sign design tips

This type of footpath sign should be simple and attractive. Whether they include a pun, an address or a daily special, they need to be easy to see and easy to read. They can include logos, graphics or arrows, but the imagery should be kept minimal and not overpower the text. It should be clear what storefront the sandwich sign is connected to, otherwise it’s all for nothing!

Five times when a sandwich sign can’t be beat

Promoting a café special

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of sandwich boards is, well, sandwiches. Cafés and A-frames go hand-in-hand, with signs outside the front door offering good food and coffee. If your café, restaurant or bar has a daily discount – Happy Hours drinks or a midweek dinner deal – sandwich board signs are also the perfect place to promote these specials.

Children’s store

With its down to earth aesthetic and small size, sandwich boards suit children’s stores perfectly. They are inviting and unpretentious, welcoming and fun. Plus, they are at children’s eye level, so any funky graphic or popular toy brand logo is sure to get noticed by little ones.

Directional footpath sign

If you’re struggling to get people to meander around the corner or up an alley in order to find your shop, a sandwich board sign can be the perfect solution. Including your business’s name, an enticing image or one-liner, and quick and easy directions encourages people to take the extra effort to find you.

Exercise class schedules

If you have a small street-front studio with fitness, yoga or pilates classes, a sandwich board can be informative and attention grabbing. Set the sign up out front and include your daily schedule – you’ll pique people’s interest while also explaining why the front desk might be unmanned if someone arrives halfway through a class.

Gallery exhibits

If your art gallery has a special exhibit on, or perhaps the artist is in store today discussing their work, a sandwich board sign is the perfect way to let passersby know something exciting is happening at the local gallery.

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