Let’s Make it a Wrap

A business’ brand is a narrative that is constantly being communicated. Which is why we at Signwise Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington believe your signage should make your story truly unforgettable. High impact signage is literally wrapping itself around buildings and proving itself to be one of the hottest trends for 2018. 

Why get caught up in the wrap? 

Aiming high and going ‘big’ with your signage gains attention and guarantees your services, your events, your brand values all get noticed. Because building signage wraps provide super-sized coverage – whole sides of buildings, entire buildings, go around corners, extend skyward – they instantly disrupt what’s going on around them, making them the perfect advertising tool.  

Reinforcing your market position and attracting new customers and followers with eye-catching building wrap isn’t just limited to the retail sector. Companies from all industries – food, sporting, education, automotive – are finding their fit on the wall. They are the ideal way to promote a festive range of apparel in the midst of Christmas madness, or advertise an upcoming summer event, trade show or concert. A great way to liven up your street appeal is to bring your building to life – literally. Interactive building wrap signage not only attracts but directly engages with people – simply take your smartphone or tablet, point it at the wall and watch it perform.   

Wrap it all

Building wrap signs can be used on many different exterior surfaces – wood, brick, panel facades, plaster, block work – and our signage companies in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington are equipped to ensure your sign is expertly designed, manufactured and installed with utmost attention to detail and care. Great design and marketing aren’t the only things driving the surge in building wrap. Safety and environmental factors are also increasing its popularity – especially in the construction industry. 

Building sites in particular can be hazardous places and sometimes a visual eye sore. The coming of wraps have proven effective in this area because they cover scaffolding, contain materials and wastes and instantly lift the feel of the site, and the spirits of the community around it. In turn these ‘feel goods’ created by the signage wrap impact the business owners directly – they’re seen as legitimate and caring – a win-win wall round.