Traffic Tricks to Make Sure your Car Wrap Gets Seen

Vehicle signage is an excellent marketing tool often touted as a moving billboard. And it’s true – among the bustling streets of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, car signage is incredibly effective, but not if the car is hidden away in your garage!

Wrapping your car in quality signage is Signwise’s job; making sure your cleverly wrapped car gets seen is yours! To help you out, here are some strategic driving and parking tips to make sure your car’s signage gets noticed around town.  

Vary Your Parking Spots

If you’re a creature of habit and take to parking in the same spots outside your workplace, the supermarket and your favourite restaurant, try mixing it up a little bit. The greater the variety of places you can park your car, the more eyes will see your sign. By going outside your comfort zone and varying your parking habits, you’ll reach people beyond your usual borders.  

Take the Main Roads

Resist the urge to take the backstreets while driving in your company car. Instead, choose main roads where there are more cars and pedestrians that can notice your car wrap. If you get stuck in traffic, remember that even though you aren’t working, your car’s signage still is!

Examine your Vehicle’s Signage

Inspect your car wrap every so often, making sure it’s still in good shape. Look out for dirt, debris and dust that can obstruct your logo or make your car – and by extension, your company – look uncared for. Signwriting gives your car a professional look, keep it this way by keeping your car clean. And if you’ve had the sign on your car for a while, confirm that the details are current and up-to-date.

Park in the Right Orientation

When we park our cars, we’re usually worried about convenience and proximity, but when driving a signwritten vehicle you have to also consider visibility. Will parallel parking give people better access to your company’s logo? Can you back into that spot to make it easier for passers-by to see your name on the front bonnet? Is that open van door blocking your sign? Customers can be anywhere, so always pay attention to how your parked car is being viewed.

Be a Considerate Driver

When you drive a wrapped car, you lose your anonymity. Make sure you – and whoever else is driving a signwritten company car – are courteous drivers. Let people into your lane, don’t honk unnecessarily, and don’t speed, swear or perform any risky maneuver. Good driving behaviour reflects well on your business and it might have knock on affects to other drivers on the road.

If you have a company car that is itching to get noticed around Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, give the team at Signwise a call today.