Signage Options to Make the Most of your Windows

Windows are useful spaces. Not only do they bring in light, keep weather out and offer a dynamic, ever-changing view, but they are also superb places for signage. The potential windows in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch have shouldn’t be underestimated, which is why the sign writers at Signwise have put together this guide to understanding window signage.

Window Decals, Perforated Vinyl and Static Cling

Window decals are vinyl stickers that can be cut into a variety of shapes, colours and letters and stuck onto a window. These are popular options for storefronts as they are eye-catching and intriguing, offer some privacy and last for several years. They are affordable and easy to remove, making them excellent for businesses who change signage fairly regularly.

Perforated vinyl is similar to decals but has tiny holes in the sticker, offering one-way viewing, making them perfect advertising for businesses that want to let light in while keeping peering eyes out. You may these decals on sign-written cars around Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch – they are a favourite for vehicle signage as they are very easy to adhere and remove, provide tint and last for a good few years.

Static cling stickers attach to the window without the need for an adhesive, making them the easiest to remove and reapply. They are excellent options for seasonal storefronts or office decorations where the window signage is only needed for a short duration.

Frosted Windows

Another option is frosted window signage decals which lend a cloudy, frosted appearance to glass. Frosted window decals offer semi-transparency and elegance, without the hassle or expense of etched glass. Frosted windows are perfect for businesses where clients appreciate privacy – lawyers offices, doctor’s surgeries or dental clinics – and are a great addition to internal glass meeting room walls.

Why Window Signs Work

Windows are blank canvases just waiting for you to use their clear surface as a marketing, branding and advertising tool. They work to attract customers, impress clients and put employees at ease. In the world of signage, window signs are among the most…

• Practical

• Cost-effective

• Fast to produce

• Easy to install

• Low maintenance

• Effective

Ready to decorate your windows with imagery that showcases your company’s style? The signage team at Signwise in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch will help you combine window space and clever design to achieve economical, eye-catching signs.