How and Why You Should Brighten Up Your Brand with Illuminated Signage

Illuminated signs are an excellent way to shine a spotlight on your business, increasing visibility and brightening your brand. Effective and stylish, useful inside and out, simply adding some light to your signs will increase their value and reach tenfold. Here’s the ins and outs of illuminated signs.

How illuminated signs work

A good signwriter – like Signwise! – will start with a consultation where you can discuss your signage vision. We then use our knowledge of the signage industry to narrow down the details like lettering size, logos and location. Then we design and create your perfect sign.

These days, illuminated signs usually make use of energy-efficient, long-lasting and professional looking LED lights. They come in a variety of colours and can be used in many different sign styles, from back-lit reception greetings to front-lit exterior building signs.

They’re not only attractive, but effective marketing tools as well. Here’s why:

Lighting makes your sign easier to see

Day or night, good weather or bad, having your business name and logo lit up increases your visibility. Whether you’re trying to help customers find you on a busy street, or want your name to be front and centre in people’s mind, an illuminated sign has an undeniably strong presence.

A professional look

Using modern LED lighting both indoors and out lends your brand a touch of professionalism that won’t go unnoticed. Whether it’s adding a bit of class to your interior welcome sign or bringing some prestige to your building’s exterior, the use of modern lighting techniques signifies success and stability.

Marketing that never stops

Even if your business is only open nine to five, by being visible round the clock your signage is always hard at work. Just like a bus advertisement or social media message, having your name and logo lit up on the street is eye-catching and memorable. And with marketing experts stating that the average consumer needs to see something seven times before the name will resonate, it’s no secret that illuminated signs plays an important role.

Don’t overlook the value of security

As an added bonus, the presence of a brightly lit sign is good for business by deterring unwanted visitors. Just like street lights, an illuminated sign makes everything around your business more visible, which is not something that prospective burglars or opportunistic thefts are keen on.  

Brighten up your signage today

To brighten up your brand with a high-quality illuminated sign in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, talk to the signage specialists at Signwise.