This Post-Lockdown Period is the Best Time for New Signs

With Auckland now in level three and the rest of the country at level two, NZ has come out the other side of another lockdown. The forced time indoors can be hard both for business and morale – but luckily signage can help on both those fronts. Here’s six reasons why this post-lockdown period is the best time for new signs.

People are back on the streets

The obvious reason to invest in signage right now is that people are finally leaving their houses again. The outside world looks shiny and new after so many weeks stuck at home, and with that comes a new perspective. People are no longer on autopilot in their usual routines; instead, their eyes are open to the wonderful world around them. Make the most of this newfound appreciation by catching people’s eye with a new building sign or window display.

Cars are back on the roads

With people leaving their homes again, so too are there more vehicles on the roads. If the idea of getting car signage that features your company name has been at the back of your mind – or if your fleet needs an upgrade – now’s the time. You’ll never get more people noticing the branding on your car, ute or truck than you will right now.

Let customers know you’re open

Not all shops, offices and restaurants are reopened yet. If you’re one of the lucky ones to bounce back quickly, bring customers in by letting them know you’re there. Use a sandwich board, a footpath sign, or a banner to tell the world you’re open for business. And make sure to include anything necessary for visiting at your city’s alert level: instructions on texting in an order or rules around social distancing once inside.  

Show off your social distancing

It’s not something our signwriters would have predicted a couple years ago, but there is a big need among many of our customers for social distancing signage. We can help you show your customers how to navigate your store and communicate your office’s new working arrangements to staff members with clear, captivating, and concise signs.

Promote a sale

You might be trying to clear out some old stock, be it a shipment of electronics that came in just before lockdown or a season’s worth of spring clothing that’s fast-becoming old news. Whatever product you’re trying to move in a hurry, let your customers know about it with some enticing sale signage.

Welcome back your staff

It was a long slog working from home again – welcome back your staff and let them know their hard work is appreciated. A funny or heart-warming (depending on your brand!) sign at reception can be just what your employees need to improve morale. With physical distancing becoming the new normal, we’re all craving some connection - use your space to give people something to smile about and a way to feel some human contact.

Want to attract customers, boost sales, and improve people’s mood? Wherever you are in NZ, from Auckland to Wellington to Christchurch, get in touch with the team at Signwise today and we’ll get your post-lockdown signage sorted.