Why Choose 3D Signs or Architectural Letters

When it comes to promoting your business there are a lot of great sign options to turn to that will help. Selecting the right sign type can make a real difference.

3D signs can be used to great effect both indoors and outdoors and there is a wide range of different materials to choose from to suit your design and the environment.  

The addition of a third dimension works to grab the eye in a completely different way from other signage types. 3D signage has a unique look and a prominence that can produce exceptional results when it's used in the right way and matched with the right business and function.

For example, if creating an image of dependability and trustworthiness is important, 3D architectural letters are a great solution. Their form and scale evokes a sense of permanence and stability which is why 3D signage is often specified for schools, government offices, corporate buildings and medical centres.

Individual architectural letters and logos have a particular design aesthetic that has a wide appeal that elevates the graphics above the surface, making them a more appealing and prominent sign.

And finally, since 3D signage can be made from durable materials such as stainless steel and aluminium, their longevity makes them a great investment.