Tips for Upgrading your Retail Shop Signage

Customers notice change. If they’ve become too familiar with your shop front, then they might have stopped noticing you altogether. If you're thinking of giving your retail business a bit of an overhaul, whether it's a full rebranding or simply a change of logo, make sure that the marketing strategy is comprehensive and 'joined up'.

From point of sale signs to shop front and window signage, and even the vehicle wrap on your van, ensuring you have a consistent look is key to your marketing working most effectively - be strategic about your signage development.

Shop signs are a marketing tool with incredible power. But in order to successfully implement the changes you’re making to your store, you must focus on the customer experience. After all, there's little point in a sign if your customers can’t understand its message.

Sign placement might seem obvious but it’s important to get right. Signs needs to be placed in the most appropriate location where they can be seen, interpreted and ultimately drive your customer's to action. Place exterior signage, where it can be seen by as many passers-by as possible. Use interior directional signage to guide customers to the products and services in the store.

Once you've determined the type and placement of signage, focus on presenting your messaging in a way that is professional and well-designed. There are a number of graphic design rules that will help customers to quickly and easily scan the sign. Clear, compelling messaging is also key.

Here at Signwise we have years of experience and expertise behind us, helping retail businesses to upgrade their signs storewide, inside and out. As expert shop signwriters we work across New Zealand, creating beautiful high-quality signage which really gets the message across.