New Year Do - Signage to Start You Up

With Christmas nearly upon us and end-of-year work dos well in swing, now is the time to give leave to 2018 actions – or inactions – and turn our attention to kick-starting 2019 with a bang. And, we don’t just mean weight-loss and body goals – we’re talking business. It’s a New Year for your company too, so achieving business resolutions, goals and sending forth right messages starts with a stocktake of your signage.

Do I have to completely redo all my workplace signage in the New Year?

Absolutely not, we understand that the Silly Season can burn a hole in pockets – often more than we anticipate – and come January the kitty isn’t at its fullest. However, smaller budgets aren’t an excuse to cull back on your branding needs, after all, you’ll want to attract new customers in the New Year and retain your existing. Here are a few options that can be fitted to your budget and needs.

- If you have traditional bulbs installed in your existing signs or parking areas, consider an LED retro fit. LED bulbs consume 50 – 90% less energy than fluorescent bulbs and last up to eight times longer. Long-term this means less spent in electricity and maintenance.

- Consider 3D exterior lettering. The good news is that it not only attracts and provides a classy touch on walls and doors, but they can be made from different materials – metal, plastic, or high-end brass, the possibilities abound and you can match to your budget.

- Illuminating your existing signage – or installing halo lit 3D signage – is also a good way to give it a boost and set it apart from other businesses around it.

Why do I have to think of my signage now? Can’t we do it later in the year?

With January bringing more foot traffic to businesses – be you in hospitality, retail or other road front establishment – people strolling past or on holiday travels are going to be taking more notice of what’s around them.

Therefore, a new look – or revamped look – for the New Year can be just the ticket for attracting and retaining this passing trade. Bright bold exterior signage i.e. a plinth or banner, a footpath sign or above i.e. flag, doesn’t just announce your company, it demonstrates that you care about your brand and shows a commitment to work ethics. Great signage promises great things are happening behind these doors!

Don’t forget your indoor signage either – especially those in retail. You can have amazing gift and homeware displays but if your signage doesn’t directly entice customers to your displays or your ON SALE signs are looking shabby, it can be damaging to your brand. Speak to us about our free-standing pull ups or our interior illuminated signs specifically for retail and commercial businesses – designed to keep your brand alive indoors!

Is sprucing up my signage just about appealing to my clients?

No. A spruce up of your workplace signage can provide that much needed ‘lift’ your staff need to swing back into work mode. A freshen up can energise people – whether it’s a newly placed welcome sign or additional vehicle advertising for your fleet. It can all go a long way towards motivating and inspiring for the year ahead!