Five Signage Trends to Look Out for in 2020

Signwriting is as important as ever, playing a crucial role in helping customer find, notice and engage with your business. But to continue to be relevant and effective, signage needs to continually evolve, adapting to and reflecting the times. As we head further into 2020, the sign makers at Signwise are looking at the latest signage trends taking off in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Eco-friendly sign options

From the global student strike movement to Australia’s catastrophic fires, there’s no questions that climate change is in the forefront of many people’s mind. Plenty of industries are trying to keep up and do their part, and signwriting is no different. That’s why the biggest new trend in signage is a shift towards eco-friendly sign options.

You can get on board this positive shift by using environmentally-friendly and recycled sign materials, reducing unnecessary energy consumption and providing sustainable work environments. For bonus points, balance your carbon footprint by investing in environmental projects using a carbon offset scheme.

Variety in vehicle wraps

One of the most effective ways to get a new business’s name out into the community is through vehicle wraps. However, as more and more start-up businesses emerge in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, there’s increasing competition on the roads, so you need to work harder to get your moving billboard noticed. A simple name and logo won’t cut it anymore: we predict seeing more noteworthy car signage and a bigger variety of vehicle wrap styles.


We are seeing an explosion of innovation in signwriting across New Zealand this year. Ingenuity and outside-the-box thinking are useful not only in for fresh signage style and design, but also in the construction of signs. Using cutting-edge practices, sign writers are able to produce quality signs quicker.

Signage that Tells a Story

Telling a story is an important part of marketing, whether it’s through a business’s origin story on their website, a promotional video or a social media campaign. Traditional signwriting can borrow from this effective marketing technique, using clever text, emotive imagery and split images to help tell a story that resonates with your client or consumer.


Modern storefront, office and hospitality signage has started leaning towards simplicity and minimalism. Instead of busy and cluttered designs, businesses often prefer straight-forward messages, sleek colour schemes and uncomplicated logos across all their signage, from building signs to internal walls, footpath flags to banners.

Now you know the current signage trends, it’s your decision whether to follow them or buck them! For quality signwriting in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, talk to Signwise.