Choosing the Right Sign Lettering Matters

The font on your sign matters. There are thousands of fonts available and plenty of creative ways to use them to maximise your sign's impact. The right lettering will enable your customer to quickly understand your message and convey a whole package of information about your brand and business. The wrong font may mean they don't read your sign at all.

Your Audience

Font choices often set the tone for the whole design and can influence viewers’ feelings toward and interactions with your design so think carefully about the audience. Will they be standing inside in a queue, driving quickly past your business or needing to read your sign at night? Simple font styles in large lettering will help in situations where the message needs to be conveyed rapidly. 

Your Message

A good analogy is to compare choosing sign fonts to choosing the right outfit for the right occasion. In other words, just as people make assumptions about your personality and values based on what you wear, different messages call for different styles of lettering. For example, long messages written in all capital letters or using script, cursive and text style fonts can be frustrating to decipher and are best used sparingly. Is your font the best choice for effectively communicating the information you want to share?

Your Brand

The right lettering should also be relevant to the business and brand. Don't give viewers an excuse to make the wrong assumptions about your service or products. The style of text often provides an immediate first impression that people subconsciously judge the rest of the design by - so think about what your sign might say about you and the kind of impression you want to make.