Is it Time for a Video Wall?

Video walls are a type of digital signage using several LCD and LED panels. Each screen can have its own content, similar to the Apps on your smartphone: there’s a lot of digital information, but it isn’t busy or overwhelming. The other option is to join the screens together to create one very large screen, delivering an impactful message.

When Are They Used?

Video wall displays work in a variety of businesses and are becoming a popular choice for modern digital signage. They can be found in retail shops, stadiums, food outlets, security control rooms and even offices. The type of business using video wall signage matters less than the execution.

How to Use a Video Wall

Video walls can be effective, but they are an investment and need to be done right. Our signwriters in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington have some tips:

1.     Establish the purpose of the wall

What is the point of your video wall? Is it being used for security or advertising? Do you want to attract new business, impress visiting clients or engage your employees? Figure out the wall’s purpose first.

2.     Content matters

Your video wall makes a statement and the content it delivers needs to be just as strong. Once you know the wall’s purpose, you need to create powerful content to fulfil these goals.

3.     Consider location

Where will the video wall go? Indoors or outdoors? What is the lighting like in that area? Is it meant for close up or distant viewing?

4.     Future-proof

Technology is constantly changing and video walls don’t come cheap, so it’s crucial to make sure this modern wall will stand the test of time. It’s best to create a wall that can be updated and altered, ideally internally.

Time for a Video Wall?

If we’ve piqued your interest and you want to discuss video walls further, get in touch with our expert signwriters at Signwise.