Is It Time for a New Sign?

A good sign is eye-catching, durable and communicates information quickly and efficiently. While the Signwise team’s signage is built to last, there are still times when an existing business will need a new sign.

If you think it might be a good time to get new external, internal or vehicle signage, get in touch with our signwriters in Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington and we’ll be happy to give you our expert advice.  

In the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of some indicators that it’s time for a new sign.

1) Rebrand

In this fast-changing digital era, we have recently seen a lot of businesses evolve and this often comes with a new logo, a new colour scheme and, yes, a new sign. If your company has recently updated its name or logo or wants a fresher, more modern appearance, a new sign is the most effective way to reveal your updated look to prospective clients and customers.

2) New location

Another sign of booming times is businesses – be it real estate, hospitality or professional services – moving to a bigger office or opening multiple locations. You’ll certainly need a new external sign so people can find your business at its new home.

3) Internal renovations

Perhaps you’re staying put and your external signage is solid but your office, shop or restaurant is going through some changes internally. Our bespoke interior signage solutions are perfect for new fit outs or renovated indoor spaces. Effective internal window and wall displays can highlight your business’s successes or convey your origin story to customers.

4) Seasonal signs

Summer is fast approaching and with it comes heaps of seasonal business opportunities. New point of sale signs are great for special summer offers, seasonal pop-up
shops or a new stall at Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington summer festivals and markets.

5) Wear and tear

Good signs will stand the test of time, but eventually old signs do need replacing. If the years are showing after too much Auckland rain, Wellington wind or Christchurch cold, it could be time to talk to your local signwriters.