Five Tips to Keep Your Signs Fresh and Visible in Winter

As we head towards the final month of winter, we’ve become well acquainted with colder weather, plenty of wind and rain, and darker days. This is the perfect time of year to put a little effort into your exterior and building signage, making sure your signs haven’t succumbed to the harshness of the season. Here are five tips from our signwriter to keep your signage fresh and visible as we trudge through the rest of winter.

Winter signage inspections

Winter is a great time to schedule in a signage inspection, especially if you have an older sign that hasn’t been examined in years. With the battering of wind and rain that much of NZ has experienced this year, getting a signwriter to check that your building, storefront or pole sign is still in tiptop shape is an excellent idea.


If the inspection reveals that your sign has suffered some wear and tear or requires cleaning or repairs, doing it early will save your sign from needing to be replaced in the near future. Sometimes, all a sign needs is a good clean-up to remove any dust or dirt that has accumulated. Other times, you might need to replace a bulb or get a signwriter to make some minor repairs.

Invest in weatherproof signs

If you are in the process of getting new signs made, winter is a good reminder of how important it is to make sure they’re designed to stand up to the weather. Our signwriters can walk you through the options on creating signage that will stand up to the rain, wind and even snow as well as harsh UV rays, making sure you’ve got a truly year-round sign.

Make sure you’re getting seen

Whether it’s getting covered in a dusting of snow in Christchurch, getting blown over in Wellington, or fighting to be seen amongst all the rain in Auckland, winter can dampen your sign’s visibility. But fear not – our signwriters know all the tricks of the trade to ensure customers and clients can still see your signs, from using the right colours to illumination to hanging signs in the most suitable spots.

Clean your windows

Whether it’s an office, a restaurant or a retail shop, windows often double as effective and eye-catching signage. But windows that aren’t clean are attracting attention for all the wrong reasons, and the excessive wind of a NZ winter can certainly contribute to dusty, grimy, dirty windows. To keep your window signs looking professional, make sure you give them a good clean regularly, and always check how they’re holding up after a storm.

Check your vehicle signage

There’s another sign that is exposed to the winter elements you might be forgetting – your car. If you have a vehicle wrap, make sure you’re including it on your list of signage to check, clean and repair over winter. After all, vehicle signage is only effective if it is visible and legible!

Winterise your signs

Are your building, plinth, window and vehicle signs all in working order this winter? If you’re in need of maintenance, repairs or brand-new signage in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington, speak to Signwise today.