Five Industries that Need to Have Strong Signage

From building signs to car wraps to window frosting, signage plays an important role in many industries’ marketing, branding and customer experience. While it’s hard to think of a business that wouldn’t benefit from signage, the team of signwriters at Signwise has broken down five industries for which robust signage is absolutely essential.

Retail – building signs

With retail stores, your first goal is to get people through your doors despite the enticing competition all around you. Whether you’re in a shopping mall or on a downtown street, your building sign needs to attract, intrigue and communicate with potential shoppers in mere seconds. A building signage specialist will be able to do this while staying true to your brand.

Hospitality – interior signage

Ambiance is a huge part of the hospitality experience, and interior signs play a crucial role in achieving it. The signs on your walls and windows all help convey the tone and style of your business – is this a quirky bar or an upscale dinner? – but they also play a role in communicating information, such as specials and prices, to your customers. Use interior signage to delight your customers and they will stay longer, spend more and return frequently.

Outdoor entertainment – banners

Whether you’re set up at a local festival, music event or farmer’s market, any business that trades in the great outdoors need a good banner to promote your product, draw in foot traffic and build your brand. These banners need to be both durable and versatile to suit your event and stand up to the weather, even if it’s raining in Auckland, windy in Wellington or snowing in Christchurch.

Healthcare – wayfinding signs

While hospitals and health clinics rely on building signs to position themselves as landmarks within the community, wayfinding signs are the real signage challenge for the healthcare industry. Hospitals in particular are notoriously maze-like and, when combined with nervous patients and anxious visitors, this can be a disaster. Healthcare institutions should enlist signwriters to create clear and concise directional signs that will put people at ease and reduce stress levels.

Real estate – vehicle wraps

For real estate agents, being seen is everything. You need to stand out from the pack, both as an individual and as a representative of your company. Because real estate agents are often out and about, setting up open homes and negotiating deals, your vehicle signage has the potential to reach many clients – it just needs to be well wrapped.

Time for a strong sign?

If it’s time for your business to invest in some strong, attention-grabbing, high-quality signage in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, talk to the team at Signwise today.