The Fundamentals of Car Wraps and Vehicle Signage

There’s a reason people call it ‘moving billboards’ – by wrapping company cars in eye catching signage, you will be turning heads all over town. Marketing specialists know that getting seen and noticed is everything when it comes to advertising, and car wraps are among the best, cheapest and longest-lasting techniques in their arsenal.

Whether it’s a single car or an entire fleet, vehicle signage is a necessary part of your company’s wider marketing plan. Here’s everything you need to know about vehicle wraps.  

The most effective marketing technique

Marketing is expensive, which is why execs are always looking for ways to get their name out into the community without spending much money. Turns out, car signage is one of the absolute cheapest ways to do so.

Vehicle wraps are easy to make and far cheaper than a building sign or billboard. And because your car moves around town, it has more unique views than a static sign. Plus, since it’s often in a different spot, it reaches a wide and variable audience in a passive, non-confronting way. Put all these factors together and you’re starting to see why vehicle wraps are like gold when it comes to marketing.

Vehicle signage variety  

The options are endless when it comes to car wraps. You can choose high quality graphics or lowkey logos, plain text or brightly coloured graphics, a matt finish or a glossy one. You can wrap your entire car (minus the front wind screen) or just one small section. You can have vehicle signage on a single company car or an entire fleet. It can be used on vans and utes, as well as trucks, trailers and even boats!

Car wraps 101

While there’s a lot of variety and versatility, we have some guidelines for effective vehicle signs:

• Don’t overuse text

• Be bold and eye-catching

• Use designs that reflect your brand

• Never forget to include your company’s name.

Will it damage my car?

Not only will vehicle signs applied by professionals not damage your car, but they in fact also help to protect them from chips and scrapes. If you no longer need the sign on your car, get one of our signwriting experts to remove it carefully so it doesn’t damage your paint.

How long do vehicle wraps last?

When you work with experienced signwriters like Signwise, your car wrap can last around five years.

A professional look is everything

It sometimes seems like every third car is wrapped in signage. There are a lot of home businesses, delivery services and corporate companies competing for eyes on the road these days. To stand out from the pack, car wraps are not a DIY job – get professional vehicle signage designed and placed by signwriting specialists.

Talk to the team at Signwise – we’ll make sure your vehicle gets noticed on the streets of Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch.