What to Consider When Planning Your Window Signage

Your store, restaurant or office’s windows can be an excellent opportunity for promotion, branding and creating the right ambiance. Outside, window signs can help catch eyes and pull customers in; inside, your windows can work to display company information and offer atmosphere. Here are five important things to keep in mind if you are considering the best use of your windows in Auckland, Christchurch of Wellington.

Find your window’s purpose

A good starting point when it comes to windows is determining the reason behind the signs. Are you promoting a sale or showing off a recent award? Are you trying to achieve a particular style or offering clients privacy and confidentiality? Understanding the ‘why’ behind your signage will guide you and your signwriter in designing the most effective and appropriate windows.

Know your signage options

There’s a whole array of style options when it comes to window signage. There are window decals, which can be clear or opaque, and are best suited for permanent placement; if you want to promote a seasonal special for a limited time, there are removable options like window clings.

There are perforated decals, which offer advertising while still letting you see through the window, or frosted decals which are look professional and subtle while providing privacy. Do you want your signs to be primarily text, include a minimal logo, or fill the space with colourful graphics? Your signwriter can walk you through all the different types of window signs available to help you work out when one is best for you.  

Ensure signage readability and visibility

For any sign to be effective, it has to be legible. Your font should be easy to read, and your lettering has to be large enough for people to see without squinting. Choose contrasting colours that are easy on the eyes, include negative space so the windows don’t feel cluttered, and make sure your signs are well-placed in your window.

Remember the interior space  

While window signs are effective at bringing people into your doors, they also allow you to create the right ambiance within your walls. Don’t focus solely on how your double glazed windows look from outside – using graphics and frosting, colouring and text also give people inside something to enjoy, too.

Include natural Light

While your windows are an opportunity for branding and ambiance, they’re also likely the only chance for sunlight to enter your building. Keep this in mind when choosing your window designs. You can either include sufficient empty window space for natural light to enter your room or choose window signage options like perforated signs or frosting that have the desired effect while still letting the light inside.

If you are after attractive and effective window signs in Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington, talk to the specialists at Signwise today.