Car Wrapping Popularity Extends to Personal Use

Vehicle wrapping is growing in popularity for consumers in both
personal and commercial markets as today’s level of detail available in both
install and print continuously improves.

Businesses are increasingly using car wraps to promote themselves in a
cost-effective manner while the greatest jump is in the number of individuals
who have started taking advantage of

Full colour changes are currently a leading trend among those getting
a wrap Installed on a personal vehicle. Also called a “paint replacement wrap”,
with these wraps you can cover up the factory colour of the car and replace it
with a new colour of your choice.

A number of popular car wrapping options include matte black, green, blue and pink.
Satin finishes are also in high demand, while heavy metallics,
pearls, colour shifts and chromes are equally admired.

As consumers move towards wrapping finishes that are customarily
difficult to paint, there is a growing interest in textured laminating films
such as wood grain and brushed metal among those looking to push creative
boundaries with personalised wraps.

Vehicle wraps have almost unlimited potential in terms of graphic
customisation. And they not only look amazing, they help preserve the value of
the car, with the vinyl wrap acting as protection for the paint underneath.

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