Top 5 Tips for Exterior Sign Design

One of the first things that will influence the sort of sign you have made is whether it's for an indoors or outdoors location. Here are the top 5 things to think about when you're considering outdoor signage. Check that your sign company has a good understanding of local planning regulations such as maximum permitted sizes and other rules before you get too far along in the process.

Size and Scale

One of the big differences between interior and exterior signage is scale. Consider that outdoor signs have to be read and understood from a distance, often by people who will only be looking for a few seconds. 


The location of your sign will determine a number of design considerations. Will it be viewed against the sky, such as a billboard, on a building facade, or will it be a wrap on a moving vehicle?  


Your sign has to catch someone’s attention in a second so generally the graphics and colour should be bright with a lot of contrast to help them pop in a busy outdoors environment. Picking a single, simple focal point will help.

Keep the Message Simple When it comes to the text, keep it short and simple. Aside from the company logo, pick a single typeface. Then consider the total number of words. Deliver a strong message by limiting the message to key points, and your sign will stand out.

Sign Material

Sign materials will vary depending on the sign's purpose and aesthetics, location and durability. Some common exterior sign designs include vinyl banners, aluminium and aluminium composite panels, and corflute for temporary signs. A good sign maker will give you the best advice.