Why Your Rebrand Strategy Needs to Include Signage

Every now and then, your brand needs to hit the refresh button. Perhaps you’re moving in a new direction, feel your image is dated, or want to reach a new market. Shaking up your branding can be exciting, but it needs to be done right – the new look and feel needs to be consistent, comprehensive and engaging if it’s going to work.

While rebranding is more than just appearances, you certainly need to make a bold, visual statement signaling that change has come. Here’s how to use signage to your advantage in a rebrand – and for help pulling it off in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, talk to the specialists at Signwise today.

Start with planning

Rebranding is about more than just appearances – it’s about identity, your business’s personality and the consumer experience. Before you can get started with the fun stuff like design, you have to have a really clear understanding of your new strategy. This comes from detailed planning, careful consideration of your vision and mission statements, and research into your target markets.

Ready for a change

Once your team has nutted out the details of the rebrand, it’s time to get into the nitty gritty. A rebrand might involve opening a new office or store. It may include refreshed décor and a new logo. And it almost certainly includes a new building sign.

Exterior signage

The aesthetic of your building signage will guide the look and feel both inside and out, so this is a good place to start. Consider colour and style, font and sign type. Ask yourself about the structure of the sign: is it time to replace a retro-inspired neon sign with a more sophisticated architectural one? Does an illuminated building sign feel right, or does 3D lettering? A signwriter will make sure your new sign suits your new brand.

Moving inside

A rebrand might go hand-in-hand with a completely new fit-out, or it might involve smaller, more subtle changes. Either way, focusing your attention on the signage within your walls will help you get it right.

Reception – this is the first thing most visitors and guests will see, so make a statement with strong reception signage that reflects your newfound character and feel.

Wall and window graphics – whether it’s to motivate staff, promote a sale or show-off an award, modern, interactive internal graphics are attention-grabbing, attractive and engaging.

Wayfinding – they’re the most frequently neglected type of signs, but having visible, clear and sometimes even quirky wayfinding signs help people navigate your space, making it a more seamless experience.

Let’s get your rebrand underway

If you’re ready to shake up your image, signage is going to play an important role in your rebrand. For high-quality, innovative and attractive signs inside and out, speak to Signwise today.