Back to Basics: What Makes for Powerful Signage

While the world of signage is ever evolving, sometimes it’s useful to revisit the basics upon which the field was built. Here, the team of expert sign makers at Signwise is looking at the tried and true methods that make various types of signage successful. If you need powerful signage and located in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, get in touch today.

Building signage

The most important quality for building signage is visibility. No matter how trendy or cutting-edge your design is, it will only be effective if your customers can see it. When you’re planning a new or revamped building sign, consider:

• Large legible font

• Contrasting colours

• Backlighting for visibility at night

• Effective sign placement

Interior office signs

When you head indoors, you have some more room to be creative with your signage. The main goals of interior signage in the office are to communicate information quickly to staff, display a professional look for clients, and achieve an aesthetic that matches your brand.

When designing office signage, consider:

• Wayfinding signs to direct people to exits, toilets and break rooms

• Attractive reception signage, such as 3D cut lettering or stainless sign mounts

• Displaying awards and qualifications of staff members

• Creating a cohesive look throughout the office

Retail and hospitality signs

Retail shops and hospitality businesses are all about the customer’s experience, and signage in these industries should recognise that. It’s important to know your audience – the sort of person your business appeals to – and design your signs to suit. Make sure your store, café or restaurant signs:

• Reveals what you sell at first glimpse

• Offers intrigue to pull customers in

• Helps people find you with footpath signs or flags advert

Vehicle wraps

Car wraps have long been used as mobile billboards, but have become increasingly common with the rise of company cars and independent businesses. While standing out from the pack is important, ensuring that your vehicle displays relevant information is necessary. Remember to include:

• Your company’s name

• Contact details – phone number, website or both

• A few words, an image or a slogan to tell people what service you provide

Event signage

Event signage has always been an opportunity to make a statement. If you have a booth at a trade show, exhibit or sporting event, this is your chance to be bold. Playing with colours and materials, perspective and imagery will not only make you memorable, but can also add to the participants’ enjoyment of the event. Think about:

• Durable banners that will hold up to tough weather

• Stair wraps – signage seen from the base of a set of stairs

• Neon lights – a retro favourite that never fails to catch people’s eyes

Ready to put traditional signage techniques to good use for your company? Talk to the signwriters at Signwise.