Do Your Indoor Signs Reflect Your Company’s Culture?

Culture is that hard-to-define feeling that gives one business the edge when it comes to staff morale, performance and client satisfaction. When executed well, indoor signs are so much more than a beautiful logo, legible fonts and creative colour schemes; they also have the power to reflect and reinforce your company’s culture.

Having trouble achieving the culture you’re after at work? Luckily the team at Signwise in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch helps businesses across NZ use signwriting to communicate their culture every day, which is why we’ve compiled four necessary steps to getting a business’s culture just right.

Step 1: Hold up a Mirror

Culture refers to the feel, environment, atmosphere felt by anyone who walks through your doors, from visitors to clients to staff members. Before signwriters can help reflect your culture, you need to know what your specific culture is. So, step one is to hold up a metaphorical mirror to your company and determine what you’d like to see reflected in it.

Step 2: Communicate the Culture

Once the key values and desired feel is defined, it’s time to take action, communicating the culture to your wider circles. If you want a culture of inclusivity, are the bosses making sure everyone feels comfortable at meetings and around the smoko table? Are leaders contradicting a culture of professionalism with inappropriate comments? If you want everyone to feel at ease, have you tried bringing light-hearted humour to your workplace?

Step 3: Reflect the Culture with Signage

There are plenty of opportunities to reflect the established culture through indoor signage:

Reception Signage – great for bold first impressions, our signwriters can help you use this space to showcase your culture.

Interior signage– play with meeting room labels, graphics on internal office walls, window frosting effects and digital signage techniques.

• Wayfinding Signs – get creative and insert a little personality into your business’s directional signage.

Vehicle Signage – don’t forget your company cars! Wrap your cars, vans, trucks or boats with signage that catches eyes and reminds people of your core values.

Step 4: Reinforce it

Once you’ve identified your culture, communicated it amongst your staff and reflected it with appropriate signage, the challenge is to keep it strong. This is where interior signage really shines as it is a visual reminder of what your company is all about.

Want some help building, reflecting and reinforcing your company’s culture through excellent sign writing? Talk to leading NZ signage company Signwise and transform your Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch business today.