The Power of Signs - Help Customers Find Your Business

The power of signage shouldn't be underestimated. How often do you hear customers say they didn't know you were there? Indeed, anyone who has tried to navigate an unfamiliar neighbourhood, shopping mall or business park can attest to the power of a good wayfinding system and the frustration of a poor or non-existent one.

Making the first interactions with your business as easy as possible can stand you in good stead with your customers so it may be time to get more visible, findable and navigable.

Raise the visibility of your buildings by having large exterior signs fitted to your building while flags and banners, or vinyl interior signage on walls, windows and the floor can help you brand your space and direct your customers or visitors around your facilities.

A good wayfinding system is about choosing the right types of signs for the right places, to target the right people. So when it comes to designing your signage system a few of the key principles to bear in mind include:

* Don't confuse the visitor with too many choices in navigation;
* Provide signs at decision points; and
* Use sight lines to show what's ahead

A truly successful wayfinding system should respond to the physical and functional levels as well as the social or psychological. If you'd like professional advice on designing your signage system, the Signwise team would be delighted to help.