Moving Messages - On the Road to Great Signs

We’ve all got a story about ‘that car’ with great signage. The one with the grabbing branding, catchy name, or funky font and design; the one we seek out and recognise first in a line of traffic. Earning memorable road recognition isn’t about driving the ‘coolest’ make of car or truck, it’s about dressing your vehicle in the right wrap. And, when it comes to effective vehicle signage, the indicator points directly at brand values, targeted advertising, simple designs and time savviness.

So, where to begin? Here we hone in on helpful vehicle signage hints and tips from our Signwise experts countrywide – Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch.

Brand Aloud

Given your vehicle crosses paths with multiple people and can cover some serious ground – all in a day’s work – it’s essential your business voice is recognised for the right reasons.

No matter what your company size or venture, making an impact in your community and developing a following, means the message you wrap around your vehicle should be directly targeted to your brand. If you are unsure about your key identity and logo – your potential customers will be too.

If your brand needs an overhaul or you’re struggling to articulate your message, all is not lost. Simply sitting down with one of our designers and working with them to implement a clear brand identity before taking sign to car side is achievable, and essential for long-term recognition.

Less is More

When it comes to promoting yourself, company or ideas on a vehicle, less is more – for most. Given the small window of time a customer has to read your spread, keeping things simple and straightforward more often than not, means they’ll remember you long after the lights have turned green.

So, when it comes to contact information and business lowdown, limit your lines. Mention your brand i.e. ‘Epic Shoes, Footwear that Speaks Volumes’, Tagline ‘Shoes to go big in’, website ‘’ and a maybe phone number ‘0800 epic shoes’.

Why shouldn’t you list all your services and efforts car top to bottom? Because bullet lists can quickly turn into shopping list lookalikes – and this can be distracting and unattractive to anyone passing by. It can be far more effective to say less and give passersby one or two things to drive away with and still remember later.

Wrap Simply, Stay Up With the Time

Just as less can be more, so too can simple be stronger. Forget decking out your vehicle signage with frills, fuss and imagery that glares – and confuses from a distance – you’re in the business of showcasing the real you, not contributing to a visual wasteland on the road.

Like your key primary message, aim for design that is easy-to-see, is uncluttered, is grabbing but doesn’t have a noisy background filled with imagery.

Think along the lines of a legible font – easy to read, paragraph text types, and using a stroke of colour – an outline around the text – to make your words standout further. If your company’s branding uses low-contrast colours in its design, consider incorporating in additional colours to help them pop out.

No matter your path, ensuring your vehicle signage is pointed in the right direction is essential for business growth on and off the road. For all sign speak, we’ll make it a wrap.