Why Your Marketing Strategy is Incomplete Without a Car Wrap

If you have a company car, it should be wrapped. It’s as simple as that. Whether you are a nationwide company in NZ or a newly minted sole trader, car wraps are one of the best ways to attract clients and get your business’s name recognised. Here are five reasons why your marketing plan needs to include vehicle signage. And if you have a vehicle sitting in your driveway with unrealised potential, the car wrapping specialists at Signwise in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch are happy to wrap it for you.

Car Wraps are Effective

First and foremost, car wraps work. They are moving billboards, promoting your business for free across town every time you or any other employee hops in the driver’s seat. Even simply plastering your name on your car will catch someone’s attention, but bold, interesting and eye-catching graphics designed by professionals are certainly going to make you stand out during your drive to work.

You Can’t Skip This Ad

People are used to skipping videos on their streaming channels and getting snacks during commercials, but they don’t even realise that the captivating wrapped car they just drove past is in fact advertising a business. Not only is vehicle signage impossible to skip, it is also more subtle than other marketing methods, so people are more likely to respond with interest and curiosity than frustration.

Wrapping a Car is Affordable

Advertising space is likely the biggest expense in your marketing budget. Because you already own the car, this is one area where you can cut down on this cost. If you’re emptying your wallet to get seen on social media platforms and local billboards, complement these fees with the free marketing space your car provides. When it comes to car wrapping, the cost per view is low.

They Last a Long Time

Professional vehicle signs are long-lasting, a single car wrap or sticker lasting up to five years when taken care of properly. In fact, you might end up wanting to replace your car before your signage! Our sign makers will walk you through the best way to give your car wrap the longest possible life.

It’s a Polished, Professional Look

Signwritten cars look professional, which is a trait that potential clients and customers are drawn to. It doesn’t matter if you are a large corporation with a fleet of company cars or a small business with a single vehicle – car wraps exude success and credibility.

If you want to complete your marketing strategy with effective car wraps in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, give Signwise a call.