5 Digital Signage Trends of 2019

Digital signage is becoming far more common in today's modern world. While any transitional period comes with a degree of resistance, the signage team at Signwise are excited about these changes. We embrace emerging digital trends so we can continue to provide our clients with strong, cutting-edge signage options.

Here are five digital signage trends that we have seen take off in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch this year.

1. Interactive Signage

In a world where digital interactions are front and centre, it’s no surprise that interactive signage is increasingly popular. Sign writers are being asked to make signs that the public can engage with, from interactive public displays to reception touch screens to video walls. Interactive digital signs have endless applications in a variety of industries from hospitality to healthcare, retail to security. Interactive signage is an important way for companies to adapt to this transformation in customer-brand communication.

2. Personalised Experiential Signage

A focus on the user’s experience instead of advertisement is front and centre in 2019. While it may be a scary shift from the focus on predicting customer behaviour, this change allows businesses to deliver a more natural experience to their customers. Excellent applications include digital point of sale signs at retail shops, digital sign in systems in offices and personalised kiosks in shopping centres. But to personalise signage, we have to rely on the next signwriting trend…

3. Artificial Intelligence

AI has become common in digital signage with huge implications for the digital marketing world with its ability to quickly and efficiently collect, sort and communicate data. AI allows content to be displayed to viewers based on their specific interests, which helps turn viewers into customers.

4. Green Signage

Environmentally-friendly options are starting to dominate the world of signage. Digital signage in itself is eco-friendly with little waste and no chemicals or harmful inks being used. But the trend goes a further, with brightness-controlled digital signage, power-saving modes and outdoor screens that don’t require heating.

5. The Physical and Digital Signage Intersection

We are still a mobile society with plenty real-world experiences from visiting doctor surgeries to shopping to dining at restaurants. The trend then isn’t the disappearance of the physical world, but its increasing intersection with the digital.

Physical signage will increasingly link with digital media like smartphones and tablets; customers will be prompted to use apps that allow them to interact within a physical space; and the digital will assist the physical when it comes to wayfinding signage.

For businesses looking for effective digital signage solutions in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, get in touch with the signwriting team at Signwise today.