Plinth Matters - Taking your Business to the Next Level

Making your business standout shouldn’t be limited to the seasons – impactful advertising should happen all-year-round. However, with Christmas on the doorstep and warmer weather encouraging customers outdoors, there’s no better time to be seen.

Our freestanding plinth and pole signs are an effective way of increasing business visibility and building brand awareness. Often used at site entrances – but not limited to – these signs are key to reaching a wide audience and being truly seen.

Whether you’re based in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch – or anywhere in between – Signwise can create a freestanding sign that’ll benefit your business in more ways than one. Here’s how:

Optimum visibility

Freestanding poles and plinths naturally draw attention – with their great height it’s hard not to notice them. Communicating your business vision with eye-catching aesthetics is essential to the maintenance of your current customer base and your potential followers. Just one well-positioned sign can help raise brand awareness two-fold and increase your profitability.

Tucked down a lane or around a corner and away from the crowds? A plinth or pole sign will effectively direct people to your door – no need to relocate!

Brand showcase

Given that customers today are more in tune to the businesses and companies in, and around them and where and how they spend their time at work and for play, engaging meaningful branding isn’t just about good design – it’s about good business.

Displaying your company’s brand impactfully through a plinth sign not only showcases a commitment to your business industry, but a commitment to your customers – you want their support and following.

Investing in marketing signage that well and truly stands out and encapsulates your business vision is essential to your ongoing success and succession.

Connect with community

Many customers will turn to the same brands time and time again for repeat products and services if they’ve built trust in that business – they crave consistency. Turning your company into a loyal brand begins by creating awareness and credibility. With height raising signage – be it pole or plinth advertising – customers will begin to recognise your brand and then may try your services.

People talk. When you display an eye-grabbing sign – be it permanent or for an event you are running – everyone in the community is your target audience. Why? Because news spreads and someone who walked by your sign two days ago, may have been on the phone to a friend, who then passed it on their work colleague sitting beside them – word travels.

Plinth and pole signage tips

We at Signwise are well-versed in creating engaging signs, so when you’re ready to step up to the signage plinth or pole, here’s a few areas we’ll guide you through:

Fonts – Keeping things simple is key with outdoor business signs.

Colour – Contrast is vital to sign effectiveness.

Words – Keep wording smart and straight to the point.

Branding – Ensure the sign represents your brand through and through with the right use of colours, size, font, design and shape.