Signs for the Season

Many businesses change with the seasons. Retail outlets get new products; restaurants cook different food; even offices have their busy and quiet times of the year. As we approach summer, start thinking about seasonality and how to use the warmer weather and festive spirit to get more feet walking through your door.

There’s no sense in swapping permanent building or pole signage with the seasons, but using seasonal window displays, point of sale signs and footpath flags are great and easy ways to tell your customers about summer specials. Signwise Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington signwriters have come up with tips for seasonal signs.

Christmas Cheer Through Signage

Those in the retail and hospitality industries have good reason to get into the festive spirit as the summer holidays mark the start of high season. Santa window displays or ‘Christmas Sale’ flags are eye-catching and relevant, drawing customers into your business. Just make sure to stay true to your business’s feel: a high-end retail outlet might benefit from a classy Santa hat window decal while a children’s toy store can get away with more in-your-face signage, like a candy cane stripped footpath flag.

Decorative Decals in the Office

Just like customers on the street, clients and workers in the office like to be reminded of the holiday cheer. Corporate environments can get festive as well, cleverly adapting interior signage by using frosted snowflake window decals or by adding a “Happy Holidays” message to an existing welcome sign or video wall.

Summer Menu and Sales

For restaurants, cafés and food trucks, window displays and footpath flags are the best way to let people know about your new summer menu. Similarly, if your retail outlet has special summer sales, draw customers in with attractive, informative, summer signage.

Special Hours

Are you getting tired of people asking what your Christmas hours are? Help your customers out by making it very clear; use window signage to let the world know about your special hours.

Get in touch with the signage team at Signwise, who are only too happy to help you make the most of your seasonal summer signage requirements.