Considering Neon Signage for Your Business?

Considering Neon Signage for Your Business?

Neon signs are one of the most versatile business signage options you can choose. They maximise your advertising potential, working 24/7 and evolving from useful signage during the day to remarkable signs that visually "talk to you" at night. Many people also find neon light more warm and appealing, prompting an emotional response.



Beautiful neon signs are the perfect medium for bespoke designs to suit your business needs. The tubes that form the neon sign have the potential to be bent and moulded into almost any shape, from promotional messages to business names and logos. And they come in a wide range of colours so you can choose the best fit for your brand or theme.


Eye Catching

Ideal brand awareness, bright neon lights are an effective tool for advertising thanks to their unique ability to catch a potential customer's eye, day and night, even from a distance.


Cost Effective

Properly built, quality neon signs are durable and long lasting. With regular maintenance they will continue to look good for longer than traditional signage, making them cost effective in the long term. Importantly, they also continue working for you after dark when other signage loses its impact, making an illuminated neon sign an economical way of maximising publicity for your products or services.


Easy to Set Up

All those neon tubes may look complicated but the professional team here at Signwise will make all aspects of setting up your neon signage easy and hassle free.


If you’re considering having neon signs made for your business, get more information about the illuminated sign services we offer at Signwise. Our friendly signwriting experts in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch can help you every step of the way from the design of your neon signs to their installation.