Stand Out with Strong Building Signage

In a world increasingly dominated by digital marketing, it can be easy to overlook the importance of building signs. No matter how strong your online presence is, businesses operating in the real physical world still need an equally strong exterior sign.

Building signs work as a landmark for your business, a flashing beacon telling customers where to go. On that note, we’ve put together a few techniques that will make your building sign stand out.

Get the Size Right

Building signs need to be big enough to be easily seen but not so large that they are distracting. You want to get lettering size right, as huge block letters become just as hard to read as tiny ones.

A lot affects a building sign’s size, including the size of the building, where the sign will fit on the building and the surrounding environment. If you are signwriting a skyscraper, the sign needs to be bigger to be seen from further away than if you are signwriting a single-story shop. Plus, signs above or below eye level need larger lettering to be seen.

Signwriters calculate viewing distance (how far you can get from your sign and still be able to read it) to help you strike the right balance of visibility, quality and professionalism for your building sign.

Ensure Good Visibility

Visibility is more than just letter size, though, and other elements like font, colouring and lighting affect how well-seen your building signage will be. Signwriters consider how sun will hit the sign and try to place signage out of direct sunlight when possible.

If sun, city or traffic light is unavoidable, darker font colours and better contrast with the background increase visibility. On the other hand, for building signs that need to stand out in dark areas or at night, techniques like bright or pastel colours, 3D lettering or back-lighting works well.

Think about Location

You probably want your building signage on, well, your building. No surprises there! But exterior signage is a little bit more involved than just that. Signwriters employ strategies that make the most of foot and vehicle traffic to get the maximum number of eyes onto your building sign as possible. The angle of vision affects sign placement as well as it is easier to see a sign that is perpendicular than parallel to the viewer’s line of sight.

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