A Closer Look at 3D Signage and How Your Business Could Benefit From It

3D graphics are a really exciting way to add visual interest so it's no wonder 3D signs are more popular than ever. 3D signage raises lettering and logos above the signboard, literally making your sign pop out and creating a fantastic first impression. Whatever shape or size, letter style, colour, or material, adopting a 3D signage solution allows you to create eye catching signs that promote your brand. The use of different colours, textures and depth add a unique element. 

The possibilities are endless. Professional signwriters such as the team at Signwise specialise in creating striking 3D signage using methods such as router or laser cut 3D letters. There is a wide range of quality substrates available including acrylics, wood laminates, plastics, ACM or metals such as aluminium or stainless steel and even illuminated 3D logos and letters. Each material creates a different look. Wooden Letters add a sense of sophistication to a sign. 

Plastic Letters are really durable and have a crisp, professional appearance. High quality 3D metal letters are an elegant, corporate-looking option. 3D business signs that use illuminated effects such as halo or face illumination add a subtle but powerful lighting effect guaranteed to catch the eye. With these different substrates also available in a range of thicknesses, different dimensional effects can be created to provide attention grabbing, customised options. Whatever the material and style, by adding depth to your signage you bring it alive and give it real impact. Whether you're a small business or large company, a 3D sign is a great solution for everything from retail windows and in store branding to events, trade shows and corporate office interiors.