Reception Signage Key to Generating First Impression

Your reception area is a reflection of your business and your reception signage should be too. Signage is often the first point of contact someone has with your business. Use this opportunity to capture the character of your business or brand and make a lasting first impression. 

One of your Most Important Spaces

The reception is literally the first point of contact with potential clients. This is where first impressions are made and opinions formed, through layout, style, function and accessibility. That's why it's important to design and organise your reception signage with thought amd professionalism.

When someone enters a reception space, they expect clear information and direction. Feelings of uncertainty brought on by confusion around navigating a space can lead to frustration or embarrassment. Well designed, professional signage will assist a potential customer to be guided through your space with ease, helping form a positive association with your business. 

Signage Types for Receptions

There are few limits when it comes to creating reception signs. From 3D cut lettering to acrylic panels with stainless sign mounts, however you would like to portray your company, we can create a bespoke sign system in materials and a style to suit you. 

Reception Sign Graphics

Using attractive graphics can only help create the best first impression of your business. From logos and images to directional or information signs, reception areas can be transformed with digitally printed graphics, frosting or illumination. 

How Signwise Can Help

At Signwise, our sign experts have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to designing successful signage for reception areas. With branches in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch we can help your business present the image you want in your reception area. Help direct your visitors through your space and create an inviting and welcoming atmosphere.