How Point of Sale Signage Can Increase Your Sales

Traditional and impactful, point of sale signage is perfect for special offers, new arrivals or anything you want to draw your attention to. It’s been proven that they significantly increase sales. High numbers of consumers make impulse buys, and this is one way to showcase what you have on offer for them. Read on to find out how point of sale signage can help your business.

What is point of sale signage?

Point of sale or point of purchase is an industry term used by retailers. It refers to areas in a purchasing environment where consumers may be making decisions and where messaging can help guide them, and this is where effective signage comes in. Retailers are known for their savvy use of this form of signage in-store and use it to promote branding, educate consumers and also offer promotions. They can also be used in any space where you have the opportunity to promote your business such as at expos or events.

How does it increase sales?

Point of sale signage provides an upper hand and can result in additional purchases or your product or brand standing out from the rest. Many studies have demonstrated its effectiveness, and with consumers making 70% of their decisions in-store, this is where it can really increase your sales. Promotions and add-ons in particular work especially well.

How to create an effective display?

One of the great benefits is that point of sale signage is extremely versatile and almost any size, shape, colour or design of signage can be created. There’s an opportunity to be highly creative, whether it be surfboards, wallets, mens trunks or fast food that you're trying to sell. They can also be set up at one retailer and used again in the future or another location. The key considerations are your audience, key message, sales aim and the location. Speak to a signwriting expert who can assist with crafting an effective display.

What are the most effective types of displays?

With a huge range to choose from, there are many types of POS signage displays that work very well. The most popular tend to be counter displays which are said to be the most valuable space in a store, free standing floor displays which can be positioned anywhere, dump bins which are often seen at supermarkets or large retail chains stocking a high quantity of products and sampling areas. All are excellent choices and depend on your goals and space.

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