Clever Retail Signage Tips to Help You Stand Out from the Pack

The retail world is competitive – you need signage that helps you stand out from the pack so shoppers notice your store, are drawn into your doors and want to buy your product. Whether you are in a shopping complex or you’re on a busy Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch street, these clever tips will make sure your retail signs get noticed.

Talk to your customer

Directly speaking to people helps them imagine physically using your product. Achieve this by writing in the second person, and even including the word ‘you’ where possible in your signs. Compare “taming curly hair” with “tame your curls”. The second sign is a lot more compelling, isn’t it?


Short and to the point is almost always a good idea when it comes to signs, and retail is no exception. People will only look at your sign for a matter of seconds, so it’s best to express what you are selling in as few words as possible.

Get creative

Your store offers something distinct from your competitors – pin down exactly what your unique selling point is and find a creative way to express this in your signs. Whether it’s playing with colours, puns or imagery, showing off your store’s personality will turn heads and stick in people’s mind.  

Attention to detail

Using temporary signs like flags, banners or footpath signs are very effective for retail shops, especially if you’re promoting a sale or directing foot traffic. But watch out for spelling or grammar mistakes as these can have the opposite effect, making your shop look unprofessional and careless. Working with a professional signwriter will give you the assurance you need that all those tiny details will be looked after.

Be consistent

Don’t lure customers in with funky exterior signage if you actually offer classic and simple products. There’s nothing more jarring than expecting one store only to walk into something completely different. Avoid this confusing experience by making sure all your signage is consistent and true to your brand. By using the same style, tone and colours inside and out, you’ll give customers a seamless shopping experience.

Remember to include wayfinding signs

Big or small, all retail outlets can benefit from wayfinding signage. Smaller shops can label different sections of the store, helping people find what they are looking for quickly. For larger stores, clear and visible wayfinding signs directing people to the toilets, exits and different departments are the key to a positive customer experience.

Looking for stellar retail signage?

If you want to stand out amongst the competitive world of retail signs in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, talk to the expert signwriters at Signwise today.